Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1. We
are studying C#. Its my first year of computer
science. Its difficult to learn but its what I
call hard fun.

Goodbye World


In this project we learned how to translate the word "Goodbye" into different languages.

Help Page


This program is an information page for Prospect Baseball that has customizability.

Mailing Label


This program allows you to easily create a mailing label by entering information.

Car Rental 1


This program is for a car rental service and allows you to rent a car.

BMI Calculator


This program calculates the user's BMI (Body Mass Index) based off of provided information.

Car Rental 2


This program is an upgraded version of Car Rental, allowing the user to rent a car using selection boxes and graphics of different cars.

Test Score


This program calculates what the letter grades of two different test score percentages are.



This program rolls two dice and calculates the experimental probabilities of rolling each number.



This project calculates the cost of buying multiple shirts with the choic of adding on a monogram and pocket and displays managers store totals.

T-Shirt Orders


This project allows the user to play a game of craps and keep playing until they either win or lose.

Slot Machine


This project calculates the cost of buying multiple shirts with the choice of adding on a monogram and pocket and displays managers store totals.



Two players play each other by forming shapes with their hands. If player 1 decides to play rock will beat player 2 who has chosen scissors ("rock crushes scissors", but will lose to one who has played paper ("paper covers rock"); a play of paper will lose to a play of scissors ("scissors cuts paper"). If both players choose the same shape, the game is tied.

Fish 1D


This program allows you to move a fish both manually and automatically, in varying speeds.

Fish 2D


This program allows you to move a fish vertically and horizontally, both manually and automatically, in varying speeds.

NCAA Bowls


This program displays the NCAA Football Bowl results and information.



This program allows two players to play Tic-Tac-Toe together, through a series of clicks.



This program intakes a numerical user input and runs it through algorithms, resulting in a sum or product.

Basic AI Game


This program is a game that requires you to run away from an opponent that follows you. You must destroy the Death Star with a bullet.

Star Field


This program is an animation of stars that simulate the experience of moving through space.

Fish Aquarium


This program is an animation of fish moving randomly throughout the aquarium. There is a shark trying to eat the fish and a boat trying to catch the fish.

Search Array


It makes an array of size 5000 and fills it with random numbers ranging from 1-5000. You generate a random number to search the array for. Find out how many times it took to find the number in the array. It then repeats 5000 times. It finds the average number of times it takes to find the search number.



This program outputs how many people scored A's,B's,C's,D's and F's. The asterisks are for how many of each grade type.



This program is a plane that flies back and forth, and drops bombs continuously. There is a character at the bottom why can move and shoot back. Each has a health bar and you control the character with space to shoot, and arrow keys to move. There is a time limit and health bars.

Flappy Bird (Final Project)


This program is a play on the orinigal Flappy Bird. The objective is the same; fly in between the gray bars and don't get hit. The new thing I added though, is a mini boss and main boss. To defeat the mini boss all you have to do is avoid the blue birds. To defeat the main boss, you shoot it.